The story of Merry in The Ferry

I am 29 and later this year I shall turn 30. I started off 2014 feeling a little blue and now I am determined to kick those blues away and try to be a little more positive and happy. Hence the reason for the blog, I am and will be Merry and The Ferry is a geographical location in Scotland where I am currently based.

Mostly I keep myself busy with work, I’m in my second year of a professional library post and I’m hoping to start chartership soon.

I love wandering, mostly these days the wilds of Scotland at weekends on countryside rambles and visiting family and friends all over the UK. In the past I’ve managed to visit countries on 3 of the other continents, the world is a pretty amazing place.

I am very much broody for a dog… my partner who is 32 is beginning to get broody for little people… and that is terrifying but I can’t deny with the big 30 looming the thought of motherhood is beginning to cross my mind.

Apart from wandering I enjoy baking and cooking. I find time in the kitchen after work is a great way of de-stressing and I enjoy making things for other people. I love crafty things but I do not have the skills to actually make crafty things but I can bake a nice cake (or two).



Dear All,

I am really happy that you have taken the time to read Merry in The Ferry. If you wish to use any of the photos and recipes that appear on here then please let me know and link back to the original content. For any questions please contact

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